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Benjamin Halpern, LCSW


Live Your Deserved Life

Professional Development, Executive Coaching & Personal Success training from the East coast's leading business and psychology expert!

Empowering Teams & Individuals for Fortune® 500 Companies

Work-Life Balance | Transform & Perform | Stress Management

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LOSE STRESS DIET = Overcoming Anxiety

This is a program about how to overcome anxiety, fear, and learn stress management skills in order to "Live Your Deserved Life"!


Your purchase of the “Lose Stress Diet = Overcome Anxiety” includes
Ben's flagship 15-week curriculum at his LiveYourDeservedLife.com member-based online training portal.



Practical Psychology for Business = Go from good to GREAT!

Is an online 7-week course for business and peak performance professionals, where you will learn how to develop the best habits and mindsets that will set you up for success and
help you function at your peak
= all day, every day.

Ben's LiveYourDeservedLife.com member-based online training portal houses this course, and is also just 



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Manage Your Mood = Transform & Perform! The power of managing your emotions - on your performance and success!

Your emotional state is not just how good you will feel, it actually will have a direct impact on if you will succeed!

Managing your mood is vital not optional!

When you feel great you will be a well oiled machine to utilize on your journey towards success!

Learning to manage your emotional state effectively may be the most important part of your professional development!

For help with all you need to do this effectively, you simply need to pick your Membership level, and get started!

Benjamin Halpern LCSW

Leading the way in business with psychology!

  • Trusted Advisor to Fortune®️500 Companies
  • Empowering Teams & Individuals with in person training or an online self-study platform
  • CORE EXPERTISE: Psychology combined with Business! Work/-Life Balance, Professional Development, Peak Performance, Executive Coaching, Stress Management, Personal Success Coaching & Course
  • Created
    • Founder of the Live Your Deserved Life movement 
    •  “Live Your Deserved Life” & "Practical Psychology for Business" self-study programs
    • "Staying on Track…One Step at a Time" - a program for overcoming anxiety, depression & related disorders (founder)
  • Some of our clients include are...
    • Vistage braintrust groups
    • Mass Mutual
    • Relief Resources
    • Ameritas
    • Guardian
    • EDN Conferrence 
    • CSB envision Conference
  • Expert in Peak Performance, Work Life Balance & Stress Management 
  • Trusted Adviser to Fortune 500 Companies 

Consulting, Interviews & Speaking Inquiries

Benjamin Halpern has had the privilege to present many talks and, the good fortune to provide life-changing experiences for hundreds of his audiences.

As a keynote or guest speaker or course-specific corporate trainer/presenter, Ben's objective is to deliver similar results for your sales teams and people.

"It would be my honor and privilege to custom tailor a talk for your organization to get maximum impact and results. Please contact me via email: click here to send email ... or call my office at +1(732-730-3900) so we can discuss what we can do together to increase your bottom line."

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Empowering Teams & Individuals for Fortune® 500 Companies
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To order Benjamin Halpern book visit Amazon.com or your local bookseller. For orders of Supercharge Your Emotions to Win *500 copies or more, email us now! 
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