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A Peak Performance Coach & trusted Advisor to Fortune 500 companies

Ben is leading the way in  the personal development space with Practical Psychology for Business! He is excited to reveal his SECRETS about how to achieve emotional freedom and shares the good news that today

YOU CAN achieve and

Live Your Deserved Life!


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Learn to control the supercomputer between your ears, in order to be able to better engage in love & work and to live without being held hostage by it!


How much does a typical treatment cost?

"Emotional Therapies" to treat the most common Anxiety and Stress issues during office visits can be very costly.

Each therapist has their own expertise and experience level, so it's hard to put a dollar amount to this answer. Traditional treatments can be a very lengthy process because you have your own travel & time to get to and from someplace, and then you are limited by the amount of time you can spend during any one therapist’s office visit.

I am driven to help more people get the help they need in the fastest and most affordable manner humanly possible. That’s what inspired me to develop my personal success membership-based learning portal called “Live Your Deserved Life”.

It is a brand new budget-affordable membership-based training & mentoring portal, with content from just a few minutes long, to a comprehensive self-paced Personal Success curriculum designed to be completed in just 15 weeks AND the membership monthly costs are far less than just one session at any clinic, mine included!

*I offer a monthly payment option for those who would like to give the full training program a trial run - start for a $1. That allows you 7 full days to investigate. Cancel prior to 7 days, and your good to go!

If I failed at treatment already can I ever get better?

Yes, you can get better! If you believe it, you can achieve emotional freedom!

Thousands of people in my NY & NJ clinics, who have been struggling for decades, some after trying many hours of treatment, have found lasting successful results after learning and implementing my “Live Your Deserved Life” methods and report that they have successfully overcome their anxiety, fear and stress.

Is anxiety different than an anxiety disorder?

Yes, 100% of people in the world present with anxiety, while 18% of people will present with an anxiety disorder. To qualify for an anxiety disorder, it needs to affect your functionality in the areas of love and work.

The good news is that whether you have anxiety or an anxiety disorder, the skills offered in my “Live Your Deserved Life” personal success programs will teach you concepts and provide you with practical steps you need to "lose stress" or "lose anxiety", etc. AND keep it off effectively.

DO I NEED THIS? Will I be cured after this treatment?

Anxiety and stress is a vital part to our survival mechanism, both for us personally and as man, the species. ~Anxiety, Fear and Stress that affects functionality ~ is the reason for the creation of my book and this “Live Your Deserved Life” personal success membership portal.

I have provided the latest methods and proven tools and participants like you can learn new skills for learning how to manage the supercomputer between your ears, thus helping you live the life you desire and deserve!

Take the GAD ASSESSMENT below and I will then share the results with you via your inbox:

If you suspect that you might suffer from generalized anxiety disorder...

known as GAD (or GAD 7) - my clinical specialty - go ahead and answer the questions that follow. The results will come in your email inbox for yourself to share with your own healthcare professional(s).

Is anxiety inherited? Is it true that you can have more than one anxiety disorder at a time? What if I have depression too?

What if I’m not ready for treatment? What kind of treatment is right for me?

Anxiety is a combination of nature and nurture.

True that genetics may play a role to make you more susceptible to developing anxiety. The more critical component is the nurturing process. Parents who have anxiety and manage it effectively will pass it on to their children the susceptibility, along with the skills to handle it. If you have anxiety without the powers to control it, you can learn everything you need to know with my “Live Your Deserved Life" personal success programs and membership portal. 

The answer is yes

Many people will present with more than one type of anxiety disorder. For example a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, along with a Phobia or Panic Disorder. Again, the GOOD NEWS is that whether you have anxiety or an anxiety disorder, the skills offered in my “Live Your Deserved Life” personal success programs will teach you concepts and provide you with practical steps you need to "lose stress" or "lose anxiety", etc. AND keep it off effectively.

What if I have depression too?

In 85% of instances of anxiety, there is co-existing depression; the depression is an outcome of the anxiety itself. When a person lives with anxiety and feels like they cannot manage their emotions, this leads to depression. The even better news is that when your anxiety is under control, the depression will leave as well. 

What if I’m not ready for treatment?

Many people who have struggled with anxiety for a long time actually want relief, yet the thought of dealing with their anxiety makes them very uncomfortable. Please know this - living with fear is much harder than the process of freeing yourself from anxiety and stress. It’s the lesser of the two evils, and taking even one baby step today will free you of anxiety in the future.

What kind of treatment is right for me?

Studies show that most effective treatment for anxiety disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this form of therapy is the foundation of my “Live Your Deserved Life” personal success programs and membership portal. 

DISCLAIMER: The content in this body of work, my membership site, is not intended or designed to be a diagnosis or treatment of any specific psychological malady. The content here is written based on my area of business acumen & training, clinical training and practical expertise that comes from years of operating my therapy clinics in New Jersey and New York. I still have these practices.

YES - I want to get a self-generated PAY RAISE - STARTING now at "Live Your Deserved Life"!

F.A.S.T. Center for Professional Development

Ben is a founder and has been the President for the last 11+ yrs. and in his clinics his specialty is General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Ben's clients include advisor to Fortune 500 companies and successful business professionals, medical and educational professionals, students, clergymen, homemakers, individuals, teams and groups.


    • Created the Staying on Track...One Step at a Time TM  Program, along with other training programs, for overcoming anxiety, depression & related disorders. Ben has a proven track record in helping people achieve emotional freedom.
    • Created the F.A.S.T. Track parenting workshops, presenting on fear
    • Is a successfully practicing LCSW = Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    • After the real estate crash of 2008, had his own life implosion and went through his own period of anxiety & depression, knew he could get better, so he pursued and received his Masters in Social Work from Long Island University
    • Is also a seasoned Licensed Real Estate Broker & Mortgage expert
    • Presented at Professional Career Services, A Division Of Agudath Yisroel
    • Presented for School Principals, at Torah Umesorah, The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools
    • Presented Workshops at Bnos Zion Girls Seminary
    • Presented at Elyon Seminary
    • Presented for Relief Resources
    • Guest Speaker at Mesivta of Eatontown Dinner, and recently at the CSB Envision Conference
    • Top sales producer, winning sales recognition awards within months of entering the financing industry, with overall earnings in the top bracket for the industry. Promoted to Sales Manager six months after joining the finance industry, and closed hundreds of millions in loans in his financing career. He knows how to think AND function for success in sales! His membership portal is the opportunity to learn his secrets without having to pay for a Masters degree!
    • Personally has helped guide thousands to “Live Their Deserved Life” by overcoming debilitating anxiety, fear and stress!
    • Created his "Live Your Deserved Life" personal success program as a way to implement his purpose - help as many people as possible recover from debilitation emotional maladies.
    • Overcame his own debilitating anxiety and made it to living his own deserved life!
    • He knows you will have success also, you have but to reach out for the help...


YES - I want to get a self-generated PAY RAISE - STARTING now at "Live Your Deserved Life"!

"Benjamin presented for our team, his knowledge in business and psychology, and how to intertwine them for success is unique and we found it very helpful. I would recommend him to any team looking to move to the next level."

Mendy Goldberg
Financial Representative - Linkedin, August 29, 2018. Mendy was a client of Benjamin's.

Some of BEN’S Linkedin POSTS:

If there are no ups and downs in your life it means you're dead!

Your mind is a magnet if you think of the blessings, you attract blessings; and if you think of problems, you attract problems. We get what we think, so think positive, life will be automatically positive.

How hungry are you for your dreams ...

...say, on a scale of one to 10?

I know that the number isn't high enough, yet. However, you CAN learn how to wire yourself for success by managing your mind effectively. True leadership is managing your own mind. Most people have given up on the school and rather use drugs alcohol social media movies etc. to manage their emotions do you agree with this statement? The good news is that there is a solution I will teach you all you need to know to manager mind, and it happens to be mine! Managing your mind is an overlooked component of success! The reason is because it's very difficult and people have failed at their attempts. The good news is that I've created my online course that will teach you everything you need to know…

Make sure you take care of your body it's the most valuable asset!


The challenge with most popular graphics, is that they seem so simple and logical, yet their application seems impossible. Similar to the booth attendants at the amusement parks, they portray how easy it is to win a big plush teddy bear. It seems so easy, yet most people can’t achieve it. The answer is that you need to learn how the supercomputer between your ears works.

*Check out my online self study course to learn everything you need to know to get your mind to work for you!

YES - I want to get a self-generated PAY RAISE - STARTING now at "Live Your Deserved Life"!

"Ben has a unique and realistic manner in dealing with issues and how to resolve them in a very practical and meaningful way. He is insightful and dynamic and I really enjoy his approach."

Alvin Kahn
Principal, Executive Director of Recruitment at Alvin Kahn and Associates, LLC, Interview Strategist - Linkedin, August 27, 2018, Alvin was a client of Benjamin’s.

ROBIN WILLIAMS - RIP (1951 - 2014)

Comedian Robin Williams death was a sad moment in my life. Let this reminder, of how fleeting life can be, motivate you…TO BE HAPPY! Yes, happiness can be acquired! It is a skill you can learn and apply - with some practice! Most people are not aware that our minds needs to be taken care of just like our bodies. You do many rituals a day to care for your body, what do you do to take care of your mind? You are the only person in the world who can do your grind! No one can take your place! You are unique and what you bring to the table is needed to make the world complete! Regret is the most painful emotion especially in old age! You can avoid it, by acting now!

Every day you get: 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds.

Nonrefundable. Nonrenewable. Be very selective of how you use your time. AND If you don't use it lose it! You could spend it: watching noneducational TV, going out excessively, too much social media, gossip about others…OR… you could be investing it: networking, Learning a new skill, read a new book, and building a side hustle…Keep your eye on the prize, your goals, dreams, and aspirations! The more you associate with the feeling of success and joy that it will bring you, the more it will give you energy to continue doing the grind!

WHAT IF I FALL? (happiness)

Let me ask you this - why do you need to wait to “win the lottery” to give yourself permission to be happy? Let this motivate you to be happy, happiness can be acquired! It is a skill you can learn and apply with some practice! Most people are not aware that our minds needs to be taken care of just like our bodies. You do many rituals daily to care for your body, what do you do to take care of your mind?

How much time and energy would you invest if you knew that you could not fail? One of my LinkedIn followers replied to my question with a very interesting thought, let me share it with you. He said “... or is it more motivating to think that the real possibility is you COULD fail  - and probably will - IF you don't go out at all?”

All unhappiness comes from right between your ears! Changing your thoughts requires some skills, but is very doable. You were taught as a child to walk, to talk, & to brush your teeth, however, who taught you how to manage your mind? If you come into the "Live Your Deserved Life" program with an open mind I guarantee that you WILL gain valuable life skills, using the most up-to-date technologies around this "lose stress diet", learning how to control the supercomputer between your ears to effectively "keep it off!" It’s never too late to learn!

YES - I want to get a self-generated PAY RAISE - STARTING now at "Live Your Deserved Life"!

OK BEN! I get it. BUT, I'm not quite sure. Do you have something I can try out?

Hello? 99 is that you? What did you say - this opportunity will self-destruct WHEN?

If you are not ready for a full membership, that's ok. If you want to sample a smaller training, use this button to purchase my $47 mini-course: 5 Distinctions that will set you FREE!

13 Lessons - 1 *hour to complete.

*People pay $300 per hour for my time in my clinics!

MINI COURSE ONLY $47 - 5 Distinctions that will set you FREE!


Benjamin Halpern, LCSW

  • Creator of “Practical Psychology for Business” where he guides you using this simplified thinking model: Thoughts > Emotions > Results > Actions!
  • Empowering Teams And Individuals, Transform & Perform (TAP), Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Trusted Advisor To C-Suite Executives & Fortune 500 Companies.
  • My messages have increased performance & revenue by up-to 50% and helps people realize there’s a way of unique thinking that allows one to give themselves a PAY RAISE after hearing one specific message - as found in my online personal success program! Sorry, it’s not in my book, because it is something I began to teach after the book was published.
  • Area of expertise is Work/Life Balance, Peak Performance, and How To Transform & Perform at Your Best.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGE me or call me 732.730.3900 to discuss what I can do for you & your company, or to book a speaking engagement.

Get a feel for Ben's messages and his presentation style

To learn more about Ben's personal mission and get some great free lessons, please view these 5 videos. The large one is a Sample Lesson from the Live Your Deserved Life 15-week course...there are over 200 pieces of published FREE content @ Ben's URL Blog many video's and listen to podcast episodes for free...

"Live Your Deserved Life" - A free lesson

Ben's lesson uses the analogy of a taxi. Knowing where you don’t want to go is useless information. Watch this video to understand why this is true! This is extremely important in achieving the life you desire and deserve.


"As I read through all of this copy, which I am the curator for, I am in awe! I am also changing everyday, because of the lessons I have learned from Ben, while implementing his training platform. Now, I consider myself as a successful person, as a long time business owner. I wasn’t always that way. I’ve had some real crushing blows in my own life. I consider myself a strong person, a motivated person, yet, there were stories I kept telling myself, that kept me in a ‘comfort zone’ sort of loop of not progressing…keeping me stagnant, and stuck. I had no idea how much benefit I would receive as a side result of working directly with Ben. My own self-induced limitations are being resolved, and that has allowed me to step solidly into my own life, creating success every day in my work life, as well as my personal life - I found a new life partner! Ben has an audience on Linkedin of 13,000+ followers alone! His online program is very new, and evolving even as this article is being written. His Youtube channel is gaining traction. His Podbean podcast is brand new, and soon, you’ll have every possible resource with which to enable yourself the new skills and latest technologies for applying the LOSE STRESS DIET in your own life in order to live your deserved life! I don’t want you to miss out on this very special opportunity to get close to Ben, before he’s in the bright lights!"

A Personal Testimony & Thoughts by Crystal Nadeau | Photo
Ben’s Technology Partner

READY? Let’s go! Lose Stress and Lose Emotional Weight!

You are the sailor of your ship! Learn how to take charge of your dreams, goals, and aspirations!


Do you like to WIN

I know I do. It is in our DNA - to like & want to WIN.

3 years ago, I wrote and launched my first book titled:

Supercharge Your Emotions To WIN -
7 Keys to Achieve the Life You Desire and Deserve

I give my book away, as a part of my personal mission to help as many people as I can overcome emotional maladies! You can access a very special Book Club - designed around sharing the book, one chapter at a time in a series of emails...I have had a few hundred people go through this series to date, and 100% of them 'would recommend this to others!"

I am extremely pleased that a book materialized from what has existed in my thoughts and daily practice for so many years. The efficacy of my approach to helping people WIN the life they desire and deserve has been proven by the thousands I have had the honor to serve directly through face-to-face counseling.

CLAIM Your FREE 📕 BOOK CLUB ONLY e-Experience for "Supercharge Your Emotions to Win"

🎶🎵This is dedicated to the ones I love…🎵🎶

"PLEASE document your approach!" I received so many requests - so I did!

I have dedicated my book to my clients, because without them, I would not be able to fulfill my purpose & personal mission: "To those who are, in essence, my co-authors: the thousands of people who have allowed me to be part of their transformation, in the process teaching me the gift of the keys to managing the supercomputer between my ears.


When you join my "LIVE YOUR DESERVED LIFE" personal success membership portal today, you will have instant access to current content and be first in line to receive future content, books, and membership only content!

Live Your Deserved Life - 15 weeks to achieve emotional freedom!

Learn how to make that supercomputer between your ears work for you. This 15 week self-paced study course contains my secrets, the practical psychology for business (and life), using the latest tools to help you achieve emotional freedom from anxiety, fear, panic & stress!

Increase your performance in sales and professional careers, in your personal practices, and have your new skills work for you for the rest of your life.

You have the ability and personal power to create the life you desire & deserve! 

It all starts with the click of your keyboard, or tap of your mobile device screen. The power to LIVE YOUR DESERVED LIFE is truly before you and IN YOUR HANDS!

Be well! ~Ben.

$297* | 15-week program only
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YES - I want to get a self-generated PAY RAISE - STARTING now at "Live Your Deserved Life"!

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Upon completion, you can anticipate an increase in your personal performance, in your sales and professional careers, in your business practices, and you will have these new skills for the rest of your life.

$47 | one time

*Thousands of people have paid $300 for one hour, in my clinics, to learn this very same information!

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