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About Ben

My name is Benjamin Halpern. I live NJ and work in the surrounding area, and in NY, and now, with the launch of my partner Virtual Coach Ben, I am also available in cyber-space (that is, online).

I have developed & super-charged thousands of employees when functioning as a corporate-level peak performance consultant, delivering my proven stress management systems, directly tied into increasing of my client's business bottom line.

It is likely you can also super-charge your sales teams & other personnel, by applying my methods. I offer to share with corporations the latest strategies in business and psychology, to make your people the best human capital they can be.  

I have written a book called “Supercharge Your Emotions To Win: 7 Keys to Achieve the Life You Desire and Deserve” where I share my 7 KEY ingredients needed, in order that you may achieve what you desire and LIVE YOUR DESERVED LIFE. (download for free when you subscribe to my mailing list from this landing page).

I have worked with thousands of people & successfully helped them create the clarity, focus, piece of mind & learn new skill sets to help them be the best they can be.

I am available for:

  • book presentations & readings
  • corporate presentations & consulting
  • keynote speaking engagements, group talks, trade show keynote presenter
  • available to schools and other organizations like teachers and parent associations, especially in need during or after (and before) a major crisis event
  • one to one coaching & consulting
  • presentations to other professional therapists, groups, professional organizations
  • and now via my online training programs
  • etc...

I look forward hearing from you. I am easy to get in touch with, and am ready to assist you.

Warm Regards, 

Benjamin Halpern, LCSW



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